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Bridal shops run better
with the #1 cloud-based bridal shop software


The all-in-one solution that makes your life easier



Contact Management

- Wedding details to better manage clients

- List of favorite items to identify the most tried dresses

- Record the measurements of your clients

- Purchase history



Online appointment

- Automatically make a calendar appointment from your website

- Create a customer profile

- Send and schedule confirmations and reminders by email and SMS

- Track your appointments on your agenda




- Manage the details of all your items

- Visibility on stock levels

- Vendor Catalog to download thousands of images, descriptions, color options and size charts of over 160 brands




- Easily manage your assigned, ordered or take-away dresses

- Quickly create sales orders

 -Automated sending of signed sales orders by e-mail and other marketing offers to your customers




- Email purchase orders directly to suppliers

- Track all the purchase orders until  delivery

- Get alerts for late purchase orders


Customer service in english


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How to start with BridalLive ?

Our Costumers

Over +1500 bridal shops in the world

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White Dresses


Koonings, Deurne

Great software for all bridal shops !

Very easy to use and even to set up in all different types of shops. 

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Couture Bridal, Paris

Superb software that I recommend to all wedding dress shops!

How to start with BridalLive ?

Schedule a Demo

Prenez un RDV de démonstration d'environ 1h avec un de nos conseillers.

Start your free month

Démarrez votre compte pendant 1 mois gratuitement et sans engagement. 

Online Training

Une formation par vidéo personnalisée pour votre boutique.



The new finance law of 2018 saw the establishment of stronger regulations for cash register software.

All traders must henceforth be equipped with cash register software certified either by the publisher or by an independent body (NF525 or LNE).

Why the implementation of certified software for cash registers?

Certified cash register software is designed to track cash register transactions to avoid unreported cash payments or subsequent changes in earnings. The objective of this new regulation initiated by the State was to limit the numerous VAT frauds and money laundering.

It is therefore no longer possible to erase or conceal the collection operations.

Who is concerned ?

This provision of the law concerns traders and all professionals subject to VAT who record the payment of their customers, regardless of the method of collection, using a cash register or cash register software.

The risk of sanction for non-compliance with secure cash register software

The General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) is in charge of monitoring compliance with this obligation. The main sanction is financial. Companies that do not comply with this compliance risk a fine of € 7,500.

BridalLive complies with the NF525 standard

The NF525 certification, obtained by Menlog in 2017, attests that the software for your cash register complies with the obligations "of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving of data, with a view to the control of the tax administration".

In short, with the NF525 standard, the cash register software stores all invoices, payment data and transactions. They are fixed, dated, stored and cannot be modified later. During a tax audit, the transactions will thus be easily verifiable.

> Find here the NF525 certification for BridalLive

Tablet or Computer  
  • Compatible with Windows, Apple OS
  • Recommended tablet size 10 inch or larger
Label printer
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450
  • 4 Label sizes (19x51mm, 32x57mm, 28x89mm, 54x102mm)
Label scanner
  • Compatible with all scanners
  • Bluetooth scanner: Quickscan, Socket  
Cash register & printer  
  • Compatible with all cases
  • Cash drawer and thermo printer for payment receipts

Software for Bridal shops

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