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What are the  BridalLive users?

A user is a person from the store who can use the application by connecting with the identifier created. It is also a person for whom you want all the activity in store.  



How does the 30 day trial work?

BridalLive gives you 30 days to try all the options of our online tool.

If you are satisfied then you will need to insert your payment information and continue using your account.

Otherwise, your account will terminate and there is no obligation to purchase.  



How to validate my trial period and continue to  to use BridalLive?

Go to the Options> Your Account menu and click on the Add a card button. Then enter your payment information.

Where can I find my BridalLive invoices?

From the Options Menu at the bottom left, go to the Your Account menu and click on the Billing button. A new page opens and click on the Statements menu to download the monthly receipts in PDF format.

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