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Tutorial Videos

​Discover BridalLive simply

1.  Configuration & First steps

​Discover the first steps with BridalLive and in particular the configuration of your account. 

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2.  Create appointments

Learn how to create your first appointments on your agenda

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3. Online appointment

Learn how  configure the online appointment booking tool and find out how  simply publish it on your website.

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4. Create Articles

Discover the  methods  for  create your articles.

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5. Departments & Suppliers

Create your departments and suppliers for the store

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6. Sales

Find out how to create all types of sales:  Quick Sale and Good of Sale,  how to find and manage them. 

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7. Simple supplier orders

Learn how to create your  orders  suppliers  Simple, sending 1 per order per  client.

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8. Bulk supplier orders

Manage your grouped supplier orders to send your  various  orders  together to your supplier.  

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9. Sales Reports

Explore the reports on  collections  and turnover of the  shop . 

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10. Using the Cashier

Learn how to use our  cash register tool to better manage your cash. 

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11. Create emails

Learn how to  to create  simple emails, to know the insertions  automatic, and create html emails using the or applications

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12. Auto Spots

Create Automatic Tasks for commercial relations with your contacts by  shop, or even manage internal management. 

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13.  Preparation of appointments

Discover our appointment preparation report which will help you  allows you to print a list of future appointments and articles of your customers before their appointment. 

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14. BV & Cancellations

Learn how to manage partial or complete cancellations of your vouchers.  sale by  example during  cancellation  marriage. 

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15. Gift voucher

Learn how to  to create  gift certificates to sell to your customers.

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16. Editing management

Discover the different forms of  management  of  touch-ups via BridalLive tools. 

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17. Groups & Contacts

Learn how to create contact groups and how to improve  your management of future appointments, fittings, and order control. 

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18. Carry out an inventory

Learn how to prepare and carry out your physical inventory in store and with BridalLive tools. Export all the reports required for your balance sheet. 

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19. Delete or  make a user inactive

Delete one or more of your  users  in your  account  BridalLive. 

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20. Tips & Tricks (nº1)


- Research with%

- List of bride and groom by month

-  Contacts without Purchase

- List of BV ready to deliver

- Articles without photos

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21. Payment Plans 


- Payment  in several online  by card for your customers

- Auto emails after payment 

- Management of all  payments  received, confirmed, or not completed

- Suggest  payments  configurable in X times  per month, per week or every 2 weeks

-  Integrated payments by our partner of  payment  in line

>> Find the EMAILS & SMS models HERE

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22. SMS options

Learn to:  

- Create SMS

- Create and link your account with our partner Twilio :

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23. Créer des emailing & sms groupés 

Apprenez à : 

- Connaitre le fonctionnement des SMS groupés

- Créer des emailing avec Mailchimp

- Créer des emailing sans application d'envoi massif

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24. Créer des devis

Apprenez à : 

- Donner l'accès à la création des devis

- Créer des devis et les rechercher 

- Créer un email type pour l'envoi de vos devis

>> Emails types disponibles ici

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